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The company was founded in 1988, the main business functional food ingredients, dairy products raw materials and food additives.

Company founder, general manager for many years has been committed to the company into the food industry forefront, and the most professional supply chain service provider.

"Professional focus, integrity, win-win" concept of persistent guidance we have been steadily forward, radiation throughout the country, customers include general foods, health foods, beverage, daily chemical and other industries.


Nearly 30 years market honed and hard focus, make our products from sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) to almost the entire food industry raw materials, varieties more novel, rich and complete, classification is also highly specialized. Dairy products raw materials, raw materials, baking ingredients, salty fruit sauces, functional food ingredients, food additives and other products more complete specifications and varieties, to provide you with the ideal choice, more space, at the same time greatly reduce your purchasing time and material costs.In addition, we through the on-the-spot investigation of supplier, strict screening and evaluation of the annual audit, provides the product quality and safety of the most powerful guarantee.


In order to meet domestic market demand for imported raw materials and product research and development, innovation, we have with many famous companies in the world abroad has established long-term close relations of cooperation, such as: New Zealand's Fonterra, from Germany, Ajinomoto from Japan, the APS, IOI and so on, to bring you the high quality of the world's leading food raw materials.


We use high quality pre-market after-sales service, technical support and solutions, high quality and low price and long-term stability of supply, and innovative business strategy, for your research and development, procurement, marketing, etc to provide valuable service quality. Over the years, the company is committed to cultivate a large number of high-quality management, business and technical personnel, work on the market, customer service, technical, purchasing, logistics, warehousing and other professional services team, anytime, anywhere provide you with high quality, sincere service of individuation.